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Indoor shoes Joma Thunder 2402

Indoor shoes Joma Thunder 2402
Indoor shoes Joma Thunder 2402
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Indoor shoes Joma Thunder 2402
Indoor shoes Joma Thunder 2402
Indoor shoes Joma Thunder 2402

At Joma, we're betting on one of today's hottest sports: gym-based activities. That's why we're launching the Thunder footwear model, which has all the essential benefits needed to practice each of the high-intensity functional exercises that include: weightlifting, metabolic training and gymnastics. Thunder shoes will help you keep your motivation intact and enjoy a discipline that's growing in popularity.

One of its strong points is the construction of the upper. It's made mainly of lightweight, breathable nylon, with microscopic VTS perforations to wick away perspiration. For example, during cardio and lifting exercises, it's essential to keep the foot cool. This fabric adapts well to the foot to keep it in place at all times. Most important, however, is its superior level of protection thanks to the rubber injected all over the top, especially on the sides and toe to minimize friction when exercising against walls.

Designed with a wide last so that the foot can rest completely on the ground when gripping dumbbells. The midsole is made of high-density phylon, which absorbs impact during cardio and sprint exercises, and provides a good, stable base when weightlifting.

The outsole is made of DURABILITY rubber, which wraps around the medial area of the sides to offer comfort, abrasion resistance and prevent slipping when rope climbing. Flat tread with 100% ground contact for the stability you need when lifting weights. Assured, natural forefoot flexibility with FLEXO grooves.

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